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2024 Midway Hours

Friday, July 19
Noon - 11:00 pm
Saturday, July 20
Noon - 11:00 pm
Sunday, July 21
Noon - 11:00 pm
Monday, July 22
Noon - 10:00 pm
Tuesday, July 23
3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesday, July 24 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday, July 25
1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Friday, July 26
3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday, July 27
Noon - 11:00 pm

Midway Wristbands

Pre-Sale Wristbands may be purchased online for $30 each through Thursday, July 18th.

Wristbands may then be purchased in person during the Fair for $35 each from the carnival ticketing booths.

Pre-sale Ride Vouchers are accepted on Wristband Days. Individual ride tickets are also available on Wristband Days.

*Midway Wristbands are non-refundable.

Midway Tickets

$1.50 per ticket
$10 for 20 tickets
$20 for 40 tickets
$30 for 65 tickets
$60 for 140 tickets
$98 for 250 tickets

*Midway tickets are not available for purchase in advance and are non-refundable.

Fast Pass
Offered daily from open to close, these fast lane passes are $15 each and can be purchased at carnival ticket booths.

Magic Pass Cards - new this year!

We are excited to offer our NEW electronic ticketing system powered by FunTagg. All ride sales will now be done electronically through our new kiosks. The tickets will now be put onto a card, similar to Dave and Busters or Chuck E. Cheese, each ride attendant will have a scanner that removes the tickets from each card. The cards are reloadable and can be used any day and will also be usable for following years. The kiosks will accept cash or credit cards. When reloading an existing card, there will be no charge.

• Purchases will be made through automated machines that accept cash or credit cards.
• If a guest purchases a ride wristband, the kiosk will dispense a receipt paper with a QR code, the guest will present the QR code to our staff that will be present at the booth, and they will administer a wristband.
• Pre-Sale wristbands will be redeemed at the same location.
• When purchasing tickets, the machine will dispense a card that has your tickets embedded onto the card.
• Each Amusement ride operator will have a scanner that deducts tickets from a particular card as they are used. The cards are reloadable and can be used any day of the fair.
• Magic Pass Cards are reusable. The Magic Pass Card with tickets is re-loadable and can be used any day of the fair and future years.
  • Ride wristbands are good for only one day and are day specific.

Disabilities & Special Groups Day

Monday, July 22: 10:00 am - Noon
Certain rides will be sensory-friendly for guests with sensory processing differences. During this time, there will be minimal lights and sounds permitted and rides will be slowed down to provide a positive experience for guests with sensory sensitivities or challenges. Sensory-friendly rides are free during this time.

Kids' Day Ride Specials

Wednesday, July 24
9:00am - 1:00pm
Kiddieland Wristbands will be available for purchase for $17 each on Wednesday, July 24. Kiddieland Wristbands will be valid for all rides in Kiddieland only from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. Individual ride tickets will also be available.

1:00pm - 11:00pm
$2 Ticket Day! All rides priced at $2.00 each all day long until closing.

Wristband Days and Times

Friday, July 19: Noon-11:00pm
Sold until 9:00 pm

Monday, July 22: Noon -10:00pm
Sold until 9:00 pm

Thursday, July 25: 1:00pm-11:00pm
Sold until 9:00 pm

Saturday, July 27: 12:00pm-6:00pm
Sold until 4:30 pm. Regular ticket prices in effect after 6:00 pm.
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