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3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Date: July 22 - July 25, 2024
Time: 5:00 PM
Each year, the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is one of the most popular events at the fair. Hundreds of men, women, and children compete in the contest held on the Fair’s outdoor courts. Different age brackets will compete each evening, Monday through Thursday.

New Format: Guaranteed a minimum of 2 games.

A waiver/release form must be signed by all competitors. If the competitor is under the age of 18, the release form must be signed by a parent. Participants will not be able to play until release forms are signed. Please bring signed waiver forms to check-in at the basketball courts 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled game.

Fair Admission Tickets need to be purchased by all competitors. Advance Sale Admission Tickets are available until the week before the Fair at a discounted price. Rosters may include four players.


  • Each individual may only play for one team regardless of age. Please arrive 30 minutes before your posted game time. You may add one eligible player (not already on another roster) before the start of your first scheduled game. The added player must have a signed waiver, and there are no roster changes allowed after the start of your first game. Each team must have a light and dark jersey. Teams must be present at game time, or the late team will forfeit. Release forms must be signed by all participants if 18 years or older, and participants under 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf.

1: All games will be refereed.
2: All decisions made by referees are final. Only questions about rule interpretation may be clarified by rule officials.
3: We will be using IHSAA rules, including the enforcement of the following:
-Technical Fouls
Excessive Timeouts, Delay of Game, Hanging on the Rim, Fighting, Conduct: (Use of profanity, Taunting, Addressing an official disrespectfully, coach entering court without permission, overreaction in response to a call or no call, etc.)
-Intentional Fouls
Excessive contact made where there is no attempt to make a play on the ball.
4: When a player is fouled in the act of shooting, 1 free throw is awarded, unless behind the 3-point line, then two shots will be awarded. The ball will be played on the release.
5: A technical or intentional foul that is called by the referee will result in two free throws being issued to the offended team, and they will also receive possession of the ball.
6: The 1st through 6th common team fouls result in loss of possession. On the 7th common team foul, the opposing team will be awarded 1 free throw. The ball will be played on the release.
7: Each individual may only play on one team regardless of age. The team you register with will be your team for the duration of the contest.
8: A minimum of 2 players must be present at game time in order to avoid disqualification.
9: Your team will be placed in the age category of the oldest team member. Your age is what you are at the time of the fair.

(All games start with a 20-minute running clock)
Scoring will be awarded as follows:
-Field goal inside of the 3-point line: 1 point
-Field goal outside of the 3-point line: 2 points
-Free Throw: 1 point

Play to 13, must win by 2 or the first team to reach 16
-Men: 10-11 yrs.
-Men: 12-13 yrs.
-Women: 10-12 yrs.

Play to 15, must win by 2 or the first team to reach 18
-Men: 14-15 yrs.
-Women: 13-15 yrs.

Play to 18, must win by 2 or the first team to reach 21
-Men: 16-18 yrs.
-Men: 19+ yrs.
-Women: 16+ yrs.

In the event the clock expires before a team reaches the needed points, the team with the most points wins. In a tie, the first team to score wins.

Additional Information
  1. The first possession goes to the coin toss winner to start the game. If overtime play is needed, a new coin flip will take place to award first possession.
  2. All jump balls are awarded to the defense.
  3. The ball must be checked after each dead ball and point scored.
  4. The ball must be passed in while standing out-of-bounds at the top of the court, not the take-back line.
  5. Any ball out-of-bounds must be taken out at the top of the court.
  6. All parts of the backboard are considered in bounds unless the ball touches a support bracket or post, at the referee’s discretion.
  7. The ball must be taken back behind the 3-point line on every change of possession. Both feet and the ball must be taken back completely behind the line.
  8. Violation of the taken-back rule only occurs if a basket is made by the team at fault, resulting in a loss of points and possession. If a foul occurs following the taken-back rule violation, it still counts as a team foul, but the offense is not awarded a free throw, and they still lose possession.
  9. If a player is fouled while shooting and the basket is good, no free throw is to be taken. Point(s) are awarded, and the other team is charged with a foul. The team that committed the foul gets the ball.
  10. Player substitution may be made at any dead-ball situation.
  11. One time-out (1 minute) is allowed per game, per team. (There is NOT an additional timeout given if overtime play)
  12. Continual running clock (except for team time out) unless at the referee’s discretion until the last minute. The clock will then stop on the referee's whistles and every basket made.


Registration details for 2024 coming soon..

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
July 22, 2024 | 5:00 PM
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July 23, 2024 | 5:00 PM
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
July 24, 2024 | 5:00 PM
3 on 3 Basketball Championship
July 25, 2024 | 5:00 PM
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