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Art in the Park

Date: Aug 07, 2020
Bring out the kiddos and enjoy some arts and crafts at the Fairgrounds! This event is absolutely free to participate, but donations are greatly appreciated. Pre-registration is required!

Station 1 - Squirt Gun Painting
Station 2 - Make your own First Place Ribbon
Station 3 - Ocean in a Bottle
Station 4 (optional) - Chalk Art Contest in the Park

To follow social distancing guidelines, we will stagger arrival times. However, there are no time limits for children to move through the stations. We strongly advise your children wearing clothes that you are comfortable with them getting paint on, just in case as accidents happen. All participants must follow social distancing guidelines while participating in this event.

Chalk Art Contest

The Chalk Art Contest is an optional contest where youth participants will be given a section of the sidewalk in Heritage Park to decorate during Art in the Park. Participants can draw anything Fair or farm related (chalk will be provided). The top four will be selected by a panel of judges and pictures will be posted to Facebook for the public to decide the winner. The picture with the most likes after 24 hours will win a Family Four Pack of admission tickets to the 2021 Fair!
Art in the Park Suggested Donation
Art in the Park Suggested Donation
Suggested donation
Art in the Park - 9:00 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 9:00 AM
Arrive at 9:00 am.
Art in the Park - 9:20 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 9:20 AM
Arrive at 9:20 am.
Art in the Park - 9:40 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 9:40 AM
Arrive at 9:40 am.
Art in the Park - 10:00 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 10:00 AM
Arrive at 10:00 am.
Art in the Park - 10:20 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 10:20 AM
Arrive at 10:20 am.
Art in the Park - 10:40 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 10:40 AM
Arrive at 10:40 am.
Art in the Park - 11:00 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 11:00 AM
Arrive at 11:00 am.
Art in the Park - 11:20 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 11:20 AM
Arrive at 11:20 am.
Art in the Park - 11:40 AM
Aug 07, 2020 | 11:40 AM
Arrive at 11:40 am.
Art in the Park - 12:00 PM
Art in the Park - 12:00 PM
Aug 07, 2020 | 12:00 PM
Arrive at 12:00 pm.
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Suggested Donation

Participation in this event is absolutely free. However, donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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